The Civil Aviation Authority has revoked Air Moldova's Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

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The Civil Aviation Authority announces that today, February 20, at the proposal of the Certification Commission, the Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) of CA Air Moldova was revoked.

The Certification Commission met in the meeting, found that until now the air operator Air Moldova, which has been in the process of accelerated restructuring for more than half a year, has not presented any evidence that confirms the removal of non-conformities within the established period, does not have any operational aircraft and does not meet the minimum requirements for holding an AOC, reasons that led to the revocation of the air operator's certificate.

Previously, the Civil Aviation Authority temporarily suspended the air operator's certificate, for a period of 6 months, granting the maximum term provided by the Air Code, for the identification of an aircraft that could be used in air transport and included in the AOC.

At the expiration of the 6-month period, in accordance with the provisions of the Air Code, art. 15, due to the lack of at least one aircraft holding a valid certificate of airworthiness, the revocation of the AOC was inevitable. It should be mentioned that the Civil Aeronautical Authority gave proof of openness, inviting Air Moldova representatives to the commission meetings every time, invitations that were not honored.

The revocation of the certificate stipulates that Air Moldova no longer has the status of an air operator, being deprived of the right to operate commercial flights (commercial air transport operations). SRL Air Moldova will be officially notified about the revocation of the air operator certificate. Later, if the company wants to resume flights, it can initiate a new certification process, in order to obtain the air operator's certificate, in accordance with national regulations.

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