General battle at London Luton Airport. 11 people were charged. Romanians were also involved!

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On Friday morning, London Luton Airport was the scene of a scandal in which Romanians were also involved. At the airport, a general fight broke out involving dozens of people. Following the incident, 17 people were detained. 4 people were injured, 3 of them with more serious injuries and were transported to hospital.

The British authorities announced that they had charged 11 people, aged between 20 and 55. According to information published by the BBC, all the thugs were released on bail. According to the Europol union, Romanian citizens were also involved.

General beating at London Luton Airport

An airport spokesman said he was "shocked and saddened" by the violence. "Our approach is zero tolerance for violence and we work with the police to conduct the investigation. We apologize to the affected passengers", Said the spokesman.

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