Black Friday at eMAG 2021: vouchers for plane tickets and accommodation discounts!

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The 11th edition of Black Friday, the day with the most discounts of the year, takes place at eMAG on November 12. For an even better shopping experience, eMAG has invested 4,5 million euros in technology, and customers can benefit from total discounts of 330 million lei on over 4,5 million products, offered by eMAG and the sellers in the Marketplace . The company estimates sales of approximately 615 million lei this year.

Black Friday at eMAG 2021

In the last year, a significant number of new customers have placed their first order online. Those who already ordered have diversified their shopping cart with products from new categories and have increasingly used card payment, which, since Black Friday, can reach up to 60%, up from last year.

As every year, Black Friday was carefully planned and eMAG acquired the stock of goods on time. In this sense, the investments made in recent years in expanding the warehouses, which now cover an area of ​​250.000 square meters, four times larger than that of the People's House, also helped.

eMAG has invested 4,5 million euros in technology

In addition, eMAG has invested 4,5 million euros in technology, of which 2,3 million went to the purchase of new servers. To deliver all orders by November 26, 2021, eMAG has supplemented the number of employees with 600 people in warehouses and in the customer care area.

Customers will be able to opt for delivery to one of the more than 2.000 easyboxes across the country, where they can pick up products at any time of the day or night, to pick up from one of the 21 eMAG showrooms, for delivery by courier or can pick up from post offices.

Vouchers for plane tickets and accommodation discounts!

Genius customers (if you are not a Genius customer, click on the link, subscribe to Genius and earn 20 lei from the start) active and those who test, will benefit from free transport and will receive a notification at the start of the event. During this period, residents of most cities in the country can try this service for free for three months. eMAG Genius it is available for over 10 million inhabitants in 353 localities in the country.

In addition to the millions of electronics and home appliances (Laptops, phones, TV, small appliances, refrigerators, washing machines), eMAG will have for sale and over 600 toys, 300 perfumes, 150 sporting goods and sports equipment.

There will be special products: fish 47 nights accommodation in Romania and abroad; 5000 vouchers for plane tickets (TAROM and Blue Air - announce revoblog); 27 tons of pork, luxury watches and jewelry, gold coins and bullion and much more.

A new unique edition of Black Friday is announced, which will break new sales records. Don't forget about Black Friday Turism NEVER. What do you want to buy on Black Friday?

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