Blue Air has rescheduled the flights Bucharest - Brussels - Bucharest, from March 23, 2016

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Update 23.03.2016, 13: 00:

Considering that Brussels Zaventem Airport is still closed today, Blue Air has taken the necessary measures to ensure the safe operation of the 0B123 / 124 Bucharest - Brussels - Bucharest flight from 23 to March 2016. Thus, Blue Air decided to redirect the flight to Liege Airport (located 80 km from Brussels), with the following flight schedule:

0B123 17: 05 Bucharest - 19: 00 Liege
0B124 19: 45 Liege - 23: 30 Bucharest

(all are local times)

Passengers will be transferred free of charge by coach between Brussels - Gare du Nord and Liege Airport. In this way, passengers are called to present themselves with 3 hours before the flight to the meeting point in Brussels - the dedicated bus station in Gare du Nord. There will be a transfer by coach to Brussels - Gare du Nord and passengers who will land in Liege.

Given the high degree of uncertainty regarding the reopening of Brussels Zaventem Airport, the company Blue Air, to minimize the discomfort created by this force majeure situation, he announces passengers of 0B123 / 124 flights Bucharest - Brussels - Bucharest Tomorrow, 23 March 2016, that they will be rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon, according to the schedule:

0B123 17: 05 Bucharest - 19: 00 Brussels
0B124 19: 45 Brussels - 23: 30 Bucharest

(all are local times)

livery 10 ani blue air
livery 10 ani blue air

At the same time, Blue Air provides passengers affected by these changes free reprogramming for any other flight operated by Blue Air.

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We ask passengers, before traveling to the airport, to check the flight status on their Facebook or Twitter accounts, as well as on the departure airport websites. Call Center Blue Air: Romania 0903 760 130, Belgia 0032 2 2177273

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