Between April 2021 and June 2022, Blue Air canceled over 11200 flights for which over 180 tickets were sold!

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ANPC made a series of revelations in the investigation targeting the airline Blue Air, stating that, as of April 30, 2021 - when most of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic were lifted - the company canceled over 11.200 flights for which almost 180.000 flights were made. reservations and over 66,5 million lei were paid.

ANPC states that Blue Air did not offer passengers reasons for canceling the bills, did not reimburse their value and did not pay compensation. In addition, although he was drawn to the business practice, the company relapsed.

"Thus, during the period analyzed by ANPC commissioners, more precisely starting with April 30, 2021 (the moment of lifting most of the flight restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic) and until June 14, 2022 - when the results of the investigations were brought to the knowledge of the company representative. -, the economic operator canceled 11.289 flights. These correspond to 178.405 reservations for which payments were made in the total amount of 66.585.967,68 lei calculated at the exchange rate in lei communicated by the NBR on 14.06.2022 of currencies, by consumers from 20 member states of the European Union in which the airline subject to the checks regularly operates flights", ANPC also transmitted, it communicates!

The institution states that the 20 states account for 92% of the total population of the Union and are: Croatia, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Cyprus and Romania. 

Technically speaking, the average was 16 tickets sold per flight, less than 10% of the capacity of the planes operated by Blue Air. Or under these conditions, the flights could not be operated due to lack of passengers. The problem was not the cancellation of the flights, but the fact that Blue Air did not offer all the alternatives to the passengers and did not reimburse in cash the value of the tickets sold, where the passengers requested countless times.

In this context, ANPC mentioned that it has completed the investigation at Blue Air and most likely the company will be fined. We also have from the point of view of Blue Air Aviation regarding the “threats” of ANPC

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