Blue Air gives up direct flights Bacau - Cluj. There is an alternative via Bucharest.

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After multiple postponements, Blue Air decided to give up, for the time being, the route Bacău - Cluj. The new domestic route was announced at the end of July, along with the route Bucharest - Bacău. Initially, the flights had to start on October 1, then the deadline was moved to the end of October, and now it has been abandoned for commercial reasons.

Blue Air gives up direct flights Bacau - Cluj

Unfortunately, Bacau International Airport is closed, the last deadline announced for opening being October 16. For these reasons, but also for commercial reasons, Blue Air decided to give up the direct flights Bacău - Cluj.

For those who want to travel between the 2 cities, there is the option via Bucharest. Currently, there are no direct flights between the 2 Romanian metropolises.

The Bacău - Bucharest route will be inaugurated on November 2. There will be operated 2 weekly flights, on Mondays and Fridays in the direction of Bacau - Bucharest, respectively on Thursday and Sunday in the direction of Bucharest - Bacau. Thus, you can travel to Bacau - Bucharest - Cluj, according to the schedule.

0B 2102 Bacău 05:20 - 06:10 Bucharest Monday, Friday
0B 3001 Bucharest 07:30 - 08:25 Cluj Monday, Friday

The return flight Cluj - Bucharest - Bacau is operated on Thursdays and Sundays, according to the schedule.

0B 3303 Cluj 12: 20- 13:15 Bucharest Thursday
0B 2101 Bucharest 20:55 - 21:45 Bacău on Thursday

0B 3102 Cluj 18:30 - 19:25 Bucharest on Sunday
0B 2101 Bucharest 23:25 - 00: 05 + 1 Bacău on Sunday

It remains to be seen what will be in the summer season 2021.

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