Blue Air reopens the base in Iasi and resumes the first direct flights to Rome Fiumicino and Barcelona, ​​from March 27, 2022

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On 29 May 2021, Blue Air launched the route Iasi - London Heathrow, which is honored with 2 weekly flights. In addition to the new route, Krassimir Tanev, Chief Commercial Officer at Blue Air, announced the plan to expand operations in Iasi starting with the 2022 summer season.


Blue Air reopens the base in Iasi

Thus, Blue Air plans to reopen the base in Iasi and, according to the operational program, the first direct flights resumed will be to Rome and Barcelona, ​​from March 27, 2022.

Iasi - Rome Fiumicino with Blue Air, from March 27, 2022

0B 6815 Iași 08:05 - 09:25 Roma Fiumicino on Sunday, Tuesday
0B 6816 Rome Fiumicino 10:25 - 13:40 Iasi on Sunday, Tuesday

Iasi - Barcelona with Blue Air, from March 27, 2022

0B 6807 Iași 18:05 - 20:25 Barcelona on Sunday, Wednesday
0B 6808 Barcelona 21:15 - 01: 30 + 1 Iași on Sunday, Wednesday

We return with details about the other routes honored with direct flights from Iasi. It is possible to fly to Brussels, Paris CDG, Dublin and many more.

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