b'mine Hotel Frankfurt Airport - the hotel where you can take your car in your room

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There is a hotel in Germany that allows you to take your car in your room. Specifically, it's the b'mine Hotel Frankfurt Airport and you can park your car on the balcony of the room where you were staying. There are lifts that can lift up to 4 tons, enough to lift even a loaded SUV.

The hotel is close to Frankfurt Airport. One night's accommodation costs from 180 EURO. Check-in can be done using an application or the classic scheme at the hotel’s check-in desk.

Even the conference rooms have been adapted for four-wheelers. In total, the hotel has 40 rooms specially designed for cars, but cyclists and motorcyclists are also welcome. The construction costs of the entire building amounted to 70 million euros.

The builder and the owner of the hotel considered that this facility was needed. Many tourists, in transit, travel with full cars. Thus, by staying at this hotel, the car is on the balcony and they can have access to their belongings without going down to the hotel garage.

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