Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lion Air (PK-LQP) - the first MAX crashed

Today, the world of commercial aviation has been rocked by the tragic accident involving the Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lion Air (PK-LQP). The aircraft crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Jakarta.

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This week's debut comes with sad news for the world of commercial aviation. This morning, Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lion Air (PK-LQP) crashed into the sea, shortly after taking off from Jakarta.

There were 189 souls on board, and the international press reports that there are no survivors. The plane was to operate flight JT610, on the route Jakarta - Pangkal Pinang. There were 2 experienced drivers at the helm. The commander of the aircraft had over 6000 flying hours, while the co-pilot had over 5000 flying hours.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lion Air (PK-LQP)

From the information provided by flightradar24, there seems to be a problem in maintaining the aircraft on the upward trajectory. There was an altitude fluctuation up to a maximum of 5450ft (1661 meters). Before losing contact with the control tower, the pilots asked to return to Jakarta. But this has not happened.

In the early hours of the morning, several remains were found belonging to the passengers and small parts of the airplane structure. But investigators believe that the main pieces are at a depth of 30-40 meters. Handbags, clothing, cell phones, ID cards and driver's licenses were recovered.


The chief executive of Lion Air said that this aircraft needed some technical repairs following the previous flight, and the repair was done according to the manual. Thus, Monday morning he received the flight approval.

We can say that it is the first 737 MAX crashed and the aircraft involved was new. It was manufactured in 2018 and wanted on 13 August 2018 to Lion Air. According to information in the international press, the aircraft had accumulated 800 flying hours.

An investigation is currently underway, and Indonesian officials have refused to speculate about the deciding factors that led to the aircraft crash. The search process is ongoing, with the focus being on finding the main components of the aircraft, recovering corpses and black boxes. Black boxes can discern much of the enigma of this accident.

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