Boeing 747-400F crashed in Kyrgyzstan / MyCargo Airlines makes statements

37 of victims registered following the plane crash in Kyrgyzstan!

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The debut of this week was marked by a tragic plane crash. a Boeing 747-400F, under MyCargo Airlines colors, crashed over a village in Kyrgyzstan. According to local authorities, 15 houses were destroyed and 37 people were killed, including 4 crew members.

MyCargo Airlines makes flight details

The air carrier comes with details about the flight, aircraft and possible causes that led to the tragic accident.

According to press releases issued by MyCargo Airlines, the crew consisted of: Ibrahim Gürcan Diranci, flight commander (10821 flight hours, including 833 hours on 747 aircraft); Kazim Öndül, co-pilot (5910 flight hours, including 1771 hours on 747 aircraft); Ihsan Koca, flight engineer (10 years of experience within the company); Melih Aslan, loadmaster (14 years of experience within the company).

The crew stayed 69 hours in Hong Kong before taking the plane (Boeing 747-400F TC-MCL) for the long 6 flight between Hong Kong and Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The aircraft was safely loaded with 85 618 kg of general goods. No technical malfunctions are reported in the aircraft's technical log.

The goods, the aircraft and all losses resulting from the accident are covered by insurance. Even the families of the deceased will be compensated.

Currently, there is no clear indication of the causes of the accident. The local authorities take into account the pilot error under low visibility conditions and severe weather conditions. MyCargo formed a commission from 2 aircraft commanders and sent it to the crash site. It will take part in the investigation with the authorities in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.

We will follow the evolution of the investigation and will come back with details!

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