Defrosting an Airbus A340-600 Lufthansa (Photo / Video)

Defrosting an Airbus A340-600 Lufthansa!

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These days, winter has also taken over Germany. There have been significant snowfall, which has been trojan at times. Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauß has cleared its snow removal machines, which work to keep platforms, treads and runways cleaner.

Defrosting an Airbus A340-600 Lufthansa!

This morning, in tune with the weather outside, Lufthansa presented us with the process of defrosting a plane from the Munich base. It's about defrosting an Airbus A340-600 Lufthansa, which was preparing for the LH460 flight to Miami. At the same time, some statistics were presented on the annual defrosting of aircraft.

The de-icing of the aircraft was done in two stages. In the first stage, the defrosting machines (3 in number, also called "polar bears") sprayed an 80 degree red liquid. Its role was to remove / melt ice and snow from the aircraft. Then a green liquid was applied, which has the role of preventing the formation of ice for a period of up to 45 minutes. Time when the aircraft must take off.

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Up to 6000 liters of defrosting material are used for an aircraft, and the cost of defrosting / aircraft can reach 10 000 EURO.


In Munich, Lufthansa reports the use of over 3.2 million liters of red solution and up to 770 000 liters of green solution each year.

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