Bucharest - Frankfurt with Blue Air, from March 28, 2021 (flight schedule)

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Blue Air continues to load into the booking system numerous routes for the summer season 2021. Among the latest discoveries we have Bucharest - Frankfurt, a route that will start on March 28, 2021.

Blue Air will fly for the first time between Henri Coanda Bucharest International Airport and Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), the main airport of the Frankfurt am Main metropolis.

Bucharest - Frankfurt with Blue Air

The operational schedule will be varied, with daily flights. Below you can find the Bucharest - Frankfurt flight schedule with Blue Air.

0B 187 Bucharest 19:00 - 20:30 Frankfurt Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
0B 188 Frankfurt 21:20 - 00: 45 + 1 Bucharest Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

0B 187 Bucharest 07:10 - 08:40 Frankfurt Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
0B 188 Frankfurt 09:30 - 12:55 Bucharest on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

The prices for the plane tickets start from 54 lei / segment. Are included:

  • Free check-in at the airport
  • Free online check-in 3 days before departure
  • Small cabin luggage 40 x 30 x 20cm (max 10kg).
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