Carpatair simplifies luggage policy!

Carpatair simplifies luggage policy!

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After TAROM, Blue Air and Wizz Air announced the new luggage policies, and the operator's turn came Carpatair to announce the new travel luggage policy starting October 1 2012.

For tickets issued from 15 September (inclusive) with the travel date to / after 01 October, Carpatair will apply on all its flights the system based on luggage compartment (1PC / 23kg) instead of the concept of weight (20kg).

Further the allowed hand luggage can have a maximum weight of 5kg and standard dimensions of 126 cm (length + width + height).


Luggage allowed per person (adult and child) / per segment

Basic / Flexi
Carpatair Green Club (Green / Silver)

Carpatair Green Club (Gold)

First piece of luggage up to 23kg Free up to 23kg Free up to 23kg
First item of luggage> 23kg = 32kg € 50 € 50
Second piece of luggage up to 23kg € 50 Free up to 23kg
Second piece of luggage> 23kg = 32kg € 100 € 50
Any additional piece of luggage up to 23kg € 150 € 100
Any additional piece of luggage> 23kg = 32kg € 150 € 100

For tickets issued until September 14 2012 (inclusive) will apply the concept of weight for the free baggage allowance accepted at transport and the rates for excess baggage in accordance with the weight-based system.

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