The Czech Republic announces new rules for entry on the COVID-19 fund

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The Czech Ministry of Health has announced that as of today, December 7, people arriving in the Czech Republic using individual land transport will no longer be required to complete the arrival form.

"The ministry responds to the court's decision and changes the conditions for completing the arrival form from December 7. It will no longer be required of persons entering the territory of the Czech Republic and traveling at any time only by individual land transport. With regard to the Omicron variant, an entry form, including from green countries, is still required when entering the Czech Republic by air. " it is shown in the communiqué of the Ministry.

In addition, the changes made by the Czech authorities also concern exceptions that apply to non-EU citizens. Under the new rules, third-country nationals who have to travel to the Czech Republic for absolutely necessary purposes should provide valid proof of their journey by presenting a document issued by the central state administration.

Except for the above changes, the Czech authorities explained that non-EU travelers under the age of 12 are also on the exemption list, provided they travel with their legal guardian or other accompanying person holding a vaccination certificate, or of recovery. This means that all children under the age of 12 do not have to fill in the registration form.

Finally, with the same update, it was revealed that the Czech Republic now recognizes vaccination certificates for travelers from third countries. However, it should be noted that a vaccination certificate must indicate that the holder has been completely immunized against COVID-19 with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency in order to be considered valid.

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