Top Google vacation searches in 2022

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Google has released a series of statistics on the most popular searches within the most popular search engine on the Internet. I don't think anyone can dispute the earlier sentence.

That's how we found out that "Ukraine" was the most popular search among Romanians, along with searches like "Census"; "Queen Elizabeth"; "Russia"; "Nosfe"; "Florin Salam"; "iPhone 14"; "Little bit"; "Eurovision" and "Climate Change". These were the basic subjects on which the Romanians focused.

But Google also shared some more niche statistics, such as those in the area of ​​tourism. That's how we found out that Romanians searched for "Holidays in Greece" the most; "Bulgaria holidays all inclusive" and "Turkey holidays". Did anyone expect another TOP 3 ranking? Surprisingly, searches for Croatia, Tenerife, Dubai and Seychelles have dethroned Egypt and Albania. Thassos was in great demand, which is also confirmed by the large number of Romanians who arrived this year in the famous island of Greece.

The most popular searches made by Romanians in 2022

Popular searches

  1. Ukraine
  2. Census
  3. queen Elizabeth
  4. Russia
  5. Nosfe
  6. Florin Salam
  7. iPhone 14
  8. Putin
  9. Eurovision
  10. Climatic changes

What is it… ?

  1. Roxadustat what it is
  2. What is martial law
  3. What is Swift
  4. What is NATO?
  5. What is Schengen?
  6. What is NFT?
  7. What is Halloween?
  8. What is ROBOR?
  9. What is Salmonella?
  10. Metaverse what is it

From this year

  1. Dinner ideas
  2. Fast food ideas
  3. Halloween costume ideas
  4. Gift ideas
  5. Cooked food ideas
  6. Business ideas
  7. Pencil drawing ideas
  8. Valentine's Day gift ideas for him
  9. Breakfast ideas
  10. Name ideas for Instagram


  1. negress
  2. Traditional lamb soup
  3. Mashed vegetables
  4. Passover without dough
  5. Walnut cake grandma's recipe
  6. Tempura
  7. Fluffy pancakes
  8. Balmos
  9. Greek soup
  10. macarons


  1. The ambassador's daughter
  2. Stranger things
  3. Euphoria
  4. house of the dragon
  5. clan
  6. Chernobyl
  7. The summer I turned pretty
  8. moon knight
  9. The good doctor
  10. Sandman


  1. Team Building
  2. Purple hearts
  3. Goat with three kids
  4. Black Adam
  5. Thor Love and Thunder
  6. morbius
  7. 365 days 2
  8. Encanto
  9. Top Gun
  10. Uncharted


  1. Florin Salam
  2. Vladimir Putin
  3. David Popovich
  4. Novak Djokovic
  5. George Buhnici
  6. Will Smith
  7. Volodymyr Zelensky
  8. Amber Heard
  9. Elena Udrea
  10. Anne Bagu
    The "People" list was made with only living people


  1. Vacation Greece
  2. Bulgaria holiday all inclusive
  3. Holiday Turkey
  4. Tenerife holidays
  5. Holiday Croatia
  6. Dubai holiday
  7. Seychelles holiday
  8. Thassos holiday
  9. Vacation Egypt
  10. Vacation Albania


  1. Conventional housing definition
  2. The noun definition
  3. Inflation definition
  4. Aphasia definition
  5. Poetic art definition
  6. Definition of covid direct contact
  7. Median definition
  8. The epic genre definition
  9. Ecosystem definition
  10. The short story definition


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