Low-cost airlines, preferred by European travelers!

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Europeans prefer low-cost companies to travel around Europe. In this regard, the most popular airline for travelers in Europe is Ryanair. This Irish airline hundreds of thousands of flights and carries more than 180 million passengers annually. In December alone, it transported 12.54 million passengers, at a plane load of 91%.

But according to statistics, RYANAIR was not a very punctual company in 2023, with many flights affected by cancellations or delays. According to some statistics, Eurowings, the low-cost subsidiary of Lufthansa, was the most punctual low-cost company in the Euro, with 93% of scheduled flights arriving on time.

The busiest month in 2023 was July, when no less than 85 million passengers passed through European airports. It was also the month when we faced the most flights affected by cancellations or landings, the non-punctuality rate being 38,20%.

In Romania, Wizz Air was the company most affected by canceled or delayed flights, being also the airline with the most scheduled flights from/to Romania. Many were recorded Wizz Air complaints, and the local authorities, including ANPC, started a series of investigations to establish the causes that led to the disruption of flights.

Have you had canceled or delayed flights? Did you know that you can receive up to €600 in compensation from airlines? Very few people know this and very few passengers know their air passenger rights. But we want to come to your support and clarify this situation!

These rights have been established by the EU faci fac part din the rights of air traffic passengers (To read). So we are not talking here about territorial laws or laws made by airlines, but about European Union directives.

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