Coronavirus: Austrian Airlines has suspended all flights since March 19

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Starting with 19 March 2020, Austrian Airlines suspends all flights. Initially, they will be canceled until March 28, but with the possibility of extending the period. The last flight will be operated on the Chicago - Vienna route, indicative OS066. It will land at 08:20 in the Austrian capital.

This decision comes from the travel restrictions imposed by most countries, with the aim of limiting the spread of the new virus.

Passengers, who have a ticket booked on one of the Austrian Airlines flights during this period, will be referred to other airlines, if possible.

The Austrian Airlines decision will also affect flights from / to Romania, on the routes Vienna-Bucharest, Vienna - Sibiu and Vienna - Iasi.

Austrian Airlines will keep 2 aircraft in use, one with a single aisle for mid-air and one wide-body for long-haul flights. These will be used for special repatriation missions and emergency flights. Austrian Airlines remains vigilant and ready to resume business as soon as the "unseen" danger of COVID-19 will pass.

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