COVID-19 Daily - July 14, 2021: the number of new cases of COVID-19 increases alarmingly in the Netherlands; Malta gives up blocking unvaccinated!

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July 14 was a time of joy for some and sadness for others. As France celebrated National Day, the Netherlands announced a record number of new COVID-19 cases. At the same time, Malta changes the switch in the case of the unvaccinated. Let's see what's new today!

  • The new figures from The Netherlands shows a 500% increase in COVID-19 cases when government restrictions were lifted. The figures were published a day after Prime Minister Mark Rutte apologized for the premature relaxation. Officials said that 37% of cases were registered in public areas, such as bars or clubs, according to epidemiological investigations. 
  • London public transport will require Londoners to continue to wear the mask on means of transport: trains, trams and buses. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the measure would help control the Delta variant and make vulnerable Londoners feel more at ease. The decision came just two days after the government confirmed that masks would no longer be mandatory. 

The number of new cases is growing alarmingly in European countries

  • Despite the restrictions and the limitation of the number of participants, France Day was celebrated with the traditional military parade in Paris. Only fully vaccinated or those with a negative test had small-scale access to the Champs Elysees or near the Eiffel Tower. 
  • Malta has quickly given up its plan to ban unvaccinated travelers. The decision came after the EU clearly expressed its dissatisfaction. The Maltese authorities explained that they have “changed the travel ban for all those who enter the country but are not fully vaccinated. Thus, they will be allowed access, but they will be quarantined ". Those who are completely vaccinated should not be quarantined.
  • Infections in Belgium have tripled in the last three weeks, rising to over 1 a day. The reproduction rate is 600, according to virologist and COVID-1,5 spokesman Yves Van Laethem. For now, the new infections are mainly found among young people, but Van Laethem has warned that it could soon spread to more vulnerable groups.
  • Hungarian virologist Gabor Kemenesi has warned of a fourth wave of COVID-19. In a post on social networks, he predicted that the number of new cases will increase, especially among young Hungarians and those who are not vaccinated, and the number of deaths will increase, especially in autumn.

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