COVID-19 Daily - September 7, 2021: 75% of Italians want the implementation of the Green Pass; Slovakia relaxes measures for Pope's visit; 17856 new cases in Russia!

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The COVID-19 pandemic is on its way, with better and less good information. Authorities continue to grope with anti-COVID measures, which are set differently for vaccinated and unvaccinated, but also with a multitude of exceptions in terms of jobs held by different classes of people.

From 1 September, Italy also implemented the Green Pass on the means of transport: trains, ships and planes. Slovakia has announced that it will relax some measures to facilitate the presence of more people at the Pope's visit. Meanwhile, Russia is reporting more than 17 new cases in 000 hours. Let's see the news of COVID-24 from September 19, 7!

  • A poll published in the national newspaper The print he showed that 75% of Italians are in favor of using the Green Pass and for its application in order to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Four professional footballers from the UK have been the focus of attention blocking the international match on Sunday between Brazil and Argentina, Sao Paulo.
  • Slovakia relaxes restrictions on planned public events during Pope Francis' next week's visit, to allow the participation of unvaccinated persons.
  • Russia has reported 17.856 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, a reduction of almost 200 cases compared to the previous day's figures. During the same period, another 790 deaths were reported, bringing the total to 187.990.
  • The British Minister of Vaccines, Nadhim Zahawi, suggested that children can ignored parents' objections to their vaccination if they are considered capable of making competent decisions.
  • The Fallas Festival in Valencia has returned to the city triumphant after it was canceled last year, for the first time since 1939, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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