COVID-19 Daily - July 29, 2021: England relaxes travel rules; Romania has updated the lists; Russia reported 799 deaths!

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On 29 July, Romania has updated the lists according to the epidemiological index established by the ECDC following the reports made by each country. Russia has reported a record number of COVID-19 casualties in the last 24 hours. The EU approves an experimental antibody treatment against the new coronavirus. Let's see the news of COVID-19 from July 29!

  • On July 29, Romania updated the red list, along with the yellow and green lists. Greece and Ireland are on the red list; France, Belgium, Israel and the United States climb the yellow list!
  • The UK will open its borders to all vaccinated travelers in the US and Europe, from August 2021. They may travel to England without being quarantined, but provided that the other measures are complied with. Decisions on the opening of borders for vaccinated people will be made separately in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England wants to revive the tourism sector and relaunch airlines.
  • England includes France on the special list and keeps the quarantine rule for hexagon travelers. France accuses England of discriminating against the French. "It is an abusive measure and it makes no sense in terms of health policy," said European Minister Clement Beaune. 
  • Russia has reported 799 deaths in the last 24 hours. This is the third time in the last month that Russia has reported a record number of casualties. Authorities have blamed the new Delta strain, which is more contagious.
  • The EU has signed a contract with GlaxoSmithKline for 220.000 doses of experimental antibody treatment. The drug is said to help stop the progression of mild cases of COVID-19, eliminating the risk of complications in high-risk patients.
  • The Czech Republic has decided to increase the number of those who can participate in sports, cultural events, concerts, etc. According to the new measures adopted, up to 7000 people can participate in outdoor sports events, while up to 3000 people can participate indoors. Authorities hope that the organizers will check if participants are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or if they have recovered from COVID-19 infection in the last 180 days.
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