Orthodox Christians can watch the Easter service at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem online

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In recent years, in March-April, almost 1 million tourists from all over the world used to travel to the Holy Places. On the occasion of the Passover, pilgrims everywhere who wanted to rebuild the Way of the Savior turned Israel into a real ant. One could easily see an upward trend and a growing popularity of the destination of Israel both worldwide and in Romania.

For example, in March last year, the number of Romanians who visited Israel was double compared to 2017 and 22% higher than in 2018. Over 13 Romanian tourists chose Israel as a holiday destination in March 2019 and about 10 thousand in April of the same year. Even though it is the first year that we celebrate Easter in a state of emergency, the Jerusalem authorities promise that the destination will remain close to the faithful during this difficult time. 

The ceremony of the descent of the Holy Light from the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem can be watched online on Holy Saturday

Although this year is completely special and we cannot be physically at the Holy Places, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has made every effort to ensure that faithful tourists from all over the world can continue to participate in the many holy processions during Passion Week. Thus, one of the greatest miracles that Orthodox Christians have been celebrating annually for over two millennia on Holy Saturday at noon, the lighting of the Holy Passover Light in the Savior's tomb, will be broadcast online on the "Jerusalem is traveling 2U" platform.

The broadcast will start at 1 pm, Romanian time and can be watched here. The light will then be transported from Jerusalem by plane of a delegation of the Romanian Patriarchate, which will not be allowed to get off the plane. The light will be brought to the airport and from there they will return to Romania to send it to churches across the country.

Services from other years can be viewed on the same site, where online pilgrimages are also available, including on Via Dolorosa, also known as the "Road of the Cross," which is said to be the Savior's way of carrying the cross to Golgotha. , his place of crucifixion, located at the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Live services and prayers broadcast from the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth

Believers will be able to watch live streams here and here and the services of Holy Week that take place at the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. According to Christian tradition, in the cave of this church, the Virgin Mary was announced by the Archangel Gabriel that she would give birth to Jesus.

The purpose of live broadcasts, online pilgrimages, the option to send prayers to the Wailing Wall through the “Jerusalem is Traveling 2U” platform, and other experiences of great importance to our tourists is to make believers feel closer to holy in this unprecedented period, to tell them that we stand by them regardless of the unprecedented nausea and challenges we face. ” said Ksenia Kobyakov, Director of New Market Development, at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

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