Cuba reopened its borders for tourists on November 15. All tourism workers have been vaccinated!

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From November 15, Cuba reopened its borders for vaccinated tourists, but on November 7, Cuba began to receive international travelers without them being quarantined or presenting the result of the PCR test. The only obligation is to present a digital vaccination certificate against the new coronavirus. Vaccination must be done with one of the vaccines approved by the regulatory agencies.

This was possible thanks to the vaccination campaign which, although it did not reach its target, managed to lead to the complete vaccination of 7.9 million Cubans out of a total of 11.2 million inhabitants. Thus, the full vaccination rate in Cuba is 71.2%, while 88.7% of Cubans have at least one dose administered. The target was that by November 15, 90% of the total population in Cuba would be vaccinated, informs

However, this progress in immunization in the country has been remarkable. In two months, it went from over 7000 cases of infection per day to just 400. Likewise, all tourism workers were vaccinated and it was agreed to receive the booster dose before November 15.

Cuba has gone from a tragic period, with thousands of new cases and dozens of deaths daily, to just a few hundred new cases and 1-2 deaths daily.

Cuba is one of the few countries in the world to have created its own vaccine and the first in Latin America to develop it entirely on its territory. And not just one: up to five formulas have been developed, of which three - Abdala, Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus - they already have the authorization for emergency use in the country. Meanwhile, candidates Soberana 01 and Mambisa are still in the testing process.

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