How do I get to Zakynthos Island? You can get to Zakynthos by car, plane or bus!

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Zakynthos is one of the most beloved Greek islands. Favorite of Artemis and Apollo, or so it is said, due to the idyllic landscapes, crystal clear waters, beautiful sunsets and mild climate. Named "Il fiore di Levante", the island is part of the Ionian Islands, with about 123 km of coastline.

The island is home to some of the most famous beaches in Greece (Navagio, Laganas and Volimes). The island is one of the last refuges of the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta and the Mediterranean seal Monachus-Monachus. Because they are on the verge of extinction, for their protection, the Marine National Park was established in the Gulf of Laganas.

The mountains on the island are not very high, but they create a unique landscape, quiet bays and beaches that stretch for 100 km.

Navagio Beach in Zakynthos

How do I get to Zakynthos Island?

One of the most popular holiday destinations for Romanians is the island of Zakynthos. Every year, thousands of Romanians choose to spend their holidays on one of the wonderful beaches on the island. Zakynthos can be reached by car, plane or bus!

Arrive in Zakynthos by personal car

If you choose to travel by personal car, on a route departing from Bucharest, the distance is almost 1300 km. The duration of the trip can be estimated at 18-20 hours, depending on the stops you decide to make.

The route we recommend is Bucharest - Giurgiu - Ruse - Sofia - Blagoevgrad - Kulata - Promachonas - Antirrio - Patras - Kyllini (from where the ferryboat is taken) - Zakynthos.

If you choose to travel by land, find out that the crossing to Zakynthos is only by ferry.

From Killini to Zakynthos there are several flights ferryboat per day, depending on the time of year. A journey with ferryboatlasts on average an hour and a half.

ferry boat Zakynthos

Arrive in Zakynthos by plane.

Wizz Air has announced flights from Bucharest to Zakynthos, with a frequency of two flights / week, Tuesday and Saturday. They will be operated between June 15 - September 15, 2021. Prices start from 149 RON / segment, and tickets are already available online on

These new routes add to the three already existing services operated from Otopeni Airport to Greek resorts, popular holiday destinations for Romanians.

Zakynthos airport

Zakynthos International Airport ("Dionysios Solomos") is 4.3 km from Zakynthos, the capital of the island, and other tourist destinations along the coast, such as Lagana, Tsilivi or Kalamaki.

You can get to Zakynthos by bus.

Travel agencies provide bus transportation to Zakynthos. The road is long, it is also circulated at night, but the difference between a trip by plane and one by bus can reach up to 300 euros.

No matter how you choose to travel to the island of Zakynthos, the holiday is at the destination!

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