From today, the mask is also mandatory on the street, in Romania. Clarifications on the type of masks allowed!

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As of January 8, 2022, the protective mask must be worn in all closed and open public spaces. CAREFUL!! This means that the mask must also be worn on the street.

Masks made of textile or plastic are not effective in preventing infection. The most effective are the three-fold surgical ones or the FFP2 ones (see differences between masks). Do not wear masks made of textile or plastic because you risk getting sick and making others sick. The only masks accepted are surgical and FFP2.

Persons exempted from wearing a mask:

  • Children under 5 years old
  • People who are alone in the office
  • TV presenters and their guests, provided they keep a distance of 3 meters between people
  • Representatives of religious denominations, during services, provided that the distance of 3 meters between persons is observed
  • Speakers in closed or open spaces, provided they keep a distance of 3 meters from other people
  • People who engage in intense physical activity or in demanding working conditions, or sports activities
  • People with cognitive disabilities

People suffering from diseases that affect the ability to oxygenate, but only after the evaluation of the occupational medicine doctor, can be exempted from wearing a mask at work.

Full details of wearing the mask can be found at Order of the Joint Minister (Ministry of Health and Ministry of Internal Affairs) number 30/1/7 January 2022.

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