As of July 1, RYANAIR has resumed frequent commercial flights. It operates over 1000 daily flights.

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July brought thousands of flights into the operational program. As of July 1, RYANAIR has resumed frequent commercial flights. It operates over 1000 daily flights throughout Europe.

This is great news for millions of Ryanair passengers who are waiting to travel to their holiday destination or to travel for business and personal purposes.

RYANAIR has resumed frequent commercial flights

After a break of about 3 months, RYANAIR runs its engines at full speed and resumes its activity at 200 European airports, estimating the operation of 1000 daily flights. This means a 90% restoration of the operational network. It is true that many routes have low frequencies, others have been suspended during the summer.

From Romania, RYANAIR resumed a series of flights to destinations in Greece, Ireland, Austria, Cyprus. Zthe borders from Romania to Italy will be resumed from July 18. It remains to be seen when the flights between Romania and Great Britain / Spain / Belgium will be resumed. Other flights from Romania are suspended due to travel restrictions, such as flights to Tel Aviv.

In line with EASA and ECDC recommendations, Ryanair has introduced new health measures for both crew members and passengers on board, which minimizes the risk of infection with the new coronavirus / Covid-19 on all Ryanair flights.

Among the measures adopted we have: wearing a mask on the nose and mouth, online services, hygiene measures and contactless on-board services.

Clear skies and smooth flights!

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