Ideal tourist destinations for sports enthusiasts

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If for some the ideal vacation means just sitting on the beach and swimming in the sea, for others the perfect vacation should include a few good hours of sports. Whether you want to play basketball, football or tennis or opt for cycling, mountaineering, skiing or surfing, you have many tourist destinations.

In addition to the fact that you can enjoy the movement and adrenaline, you can spend a few hours visiting places with historical and sporting significance such as stadiums, museums, resorts. In addition, if you plan your vacation properly, you can also take part in famous sporting events. The Tour de France, the Super Bowl, the World Cup, the Olympic Games are just a few of them.

Also, if you are still following the route of an athlete or a specific team, you can also opt for sport bets. In addition to the classic betting agencies, the profile operators also offer you the online version, ideal when you are on vacation. In this case, all you need is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and an internet connection. The betting market is constantly expanding, and this is seen every year. More and more sports, matches and competitions are included, and this offers players not only variety, financial opportunities, but also safety.

Here are some of the most popular tourist destinations for sports lovers:

The Alps

The Alps are famous all over the world as a perfect destination for skiing and attract millions of tourists annually. The slopes are suitable for all skiers and snowboarders, from children to the elderly, from amateurs to the most experienced and are open in most regions from December to April or even more. Among the most famous places are: Zermatt, a small mountain town in Switzerland, considered one of the largest ski and mountaineering centers in the world; St. Moritz, also in Switzerland, the place where winter alpine tourism was born, in 1864 or Chamonix Mont Blanc, in France, which attracts like a magnet all lovers of extreme sports.

Apples also enjoy popularity during the summer. If you are determined to go to the mountains, you can go cycling, mountaineering or paragliding. Also, the alpine lakes attract swimmers, surfers, but also those who want to take a yacht ride.


Barcelona is a favorite tourist destination of millions of microbes. There you can find places where you can play football, but you can also watch unforgettable matches at the FC Barcelona stadium. Built in 1957, the Camp Nou has five stars by UEFA standards and has hosted many international matches such as the Champions League final or the Spanish national team matches. At the same time, the museum of the FC Barcelona club is visited every year by over one million tourists. It was founded in 1984 and since then it has grown to become the most important museum of a club football, being a reference point for other museums of this kind.

It is important to know that Barcelona is not limited to football. Tennis, motor or equestrian sports, athletics, hockey, are sports loved by Spaniards and can be practiced on your vacation there. 


If you are passionate about cycling, you can't miss a holiday in France. Ideally, you should plan your vacation when the Tour de France takes place. Considered one of the most difficult races in the world, the sporting event was first organized in 1903, covers a total length of 3.500 km and stretches over three weeks. The competition attracts cyclists and teams from all over the world. 

If you are thinking of taking your bike on holiday, you must keep in mind that air transport means additional costs of ticket, packaging. Another option is to rent a bicycle at the destination.


Australia's largest city cannot be missed by tourists looking for a holiday where outdoor activities take precedence. Sydney offers a wide variety of water sports, from jet skiing, snorkelling, diving, boating, kayaking, surfing, rafting, boating, but also hiking and horseback riding. An equally important destination is for tennis lovers because here they can watch matches from the Apia International Sydney Tournament, WTA Tour and ATP World Tour.


Surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean, Bali is a destination that offers hundreds of kilometers of beaches, from the wildest to the most landscaped, with facilities for complete relaxation. It is also one of the best places in the world to do surf. If you are a beginner, you can choose Kuta, Balangan and Dreamland, and if you are an expert in surfing, you can opt for Padang Padang and Nusa Dua.

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