Details on the death of a Romanian citizen on holiday in Hurghada resort, Egypt

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) states that the Romanian Embassy in Cairo was notified by phone, on July 3, 2022, by the agent of a travel company regarding the death of a Romanian citizen on vacation in Hurghada resort, Egypt.

In this context, the representatives of the embassy took urgent steps with the competent Egyptian authorities to obtain further information on the circumstances of the death.

According to the information provided by the competent Egyptian authorities, the investigations revealed that the death of the Romanian citizen occurred following an attack by a shark.

The representatives of the Romanian Embassy in Cairo took the necessary steps with the Romanian authorities competent to identify, as a matter of urgency, the Romanian family of the deceased, sending condolences for the loss suffered and providing the necessary information regarding the repatriation of the dead body to be buried in Romania. .

The MFA states that, so far, at the level of the Romanian Embassy in Cairo, no other requests for consular assistance have been received from any Romanian citizen regarding this incident.

The Romanian Embassy in Cairo continues the dialogue with the Egyptian authorities, with the tourism companies involved and is ready to provide consular assistance, according to the legal competences.

Also, given that this incident is the second of its kind in the last two days involving shark attacks, the MFA recommends Romanian citizens who are in Egypt or are going to travel to this country for tourism to follow the advice and recommendations of the authorities. in terms of safe recreation areas and swimming in the sea.

Romanian citizens can request consular assistance at the telephone number of the Romanian Embassy in Cairo: +202 2735 53 26, the calls being redirected to the Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens Abroad (CCSCRS) and taken over by Call Center operators on a permanent basis or to the emergency telephone number of the diplomatic mission: +202 2735 95 46.

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