The hijacking of a plane and the evacuation of 200 survivors in the Baltic Sea, this is the scenario of a tactical exercise implemented by the Polish army

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During the morning of May 20, 2021, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft of the Polish Air Force was hijacked and, following a risky maneuver, headed for the Atlantic Ocean. Rest assured, it was just a tactical exercise put into practice by the Polish authorities.

The hijacking of a civilian aircraft by terrorists, mass evacuation at sea and search and rescue operations following a plane collision are the scenarios for the special tactical exercise RENEGADE / SAREX-21, which will take place in Poland until 21 May.

According Polish press, the special tactical exercise RENEGADE / SAREX-21 will take place between 17 and 21 May in three regions: Mazowieckie, Pomorskie and Zachodniopomorskie. As reported by the Polish army, the aim is to "verify the capabilities of the Polish armed forces and the non-military system, as elements of the state security system, to counter crisis situations specific to the air defense system, as well as air and sea rescue ".

During the exercise organized by the Operational Command of the Armed Forces Gen. Bronisław Kwiatkowski, entities responsible for safety in Poland, as well as rescue services will demonstrate their skills. Among them will be representatives of the Military Police, the Border Police, the Polish Medical Air Rescue, the Territorial Defense Forces, the Polish Red Cross, the Operational Command of the Armed Forces and the General Command of the Armed Forces.

If you read through the Romanian press something like BREAKING NEWS and "shock and horror" about hijacking a plane, know what it's about.

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