People who have acquired immunity naturally (have been infected with COVID-19 and have been cured) are no longer exempt from the rules.

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Another problem we report back adoption of judgment 28 (of 14 May 2021) It targets those who have become naturally immunized following infection with the new coronavirus. Under the new measures, people who have acquired natural immunity are no longer exempt from the rules. This has even been confirmed by Secretary of State Raed Arafat.

Raed Arafat stated that “the aspect is no longer valid that if I was ill I present paper that I was ill. You will notice that we have removed this possibility and there are two possibilities: vaccine or test ".

My perplexity comes in the context in which more and more countries take care of this category of people and have introduced them in the categories that are an exception to the rules of travel. Why is this measure no longer applied in Romania? If a person has acquired antibodies naturally and is immunized, why not be treated on the same level as a fully vaccinated person?

Unfortunately, those who have struggled with the disease now have to get tested or vaccinated in order to take advantage of certain benefits such as free travel, attending cultural or sporting events. According to Raed Arafat, only people who present the vaccination certificate or the negative test (PCR or antigen) are allowed at public events.

Also, people who have gone through the disease are no longer exempt from quarantine if they return to the country from countries placed on the yellow or red list by Romania.

We hope for the next one updating lists, the authorities to come up with some updates on the law and the categories that are exempt from quarantine and other travel restrictions. We also have in the case of unvaccinated children, which should go into isolation / quarantine if they travel from the red or yellow area and cannot be tested!

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