What happens to unvaccinated children traveling from the yellow and red areas?

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On May 14, CNSU established the new rules for entering Romania, also changing the way countries are classified in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. As I suspect you found out, Romania applies a traffic light type classification, with the red list, the yellow list and the green list. For the green list, the situation is clear, and those who travel from "green" countries do not need a test and will not be quarantined in Romania.

The situation is a bit complicated and can be confusing for those traveling in the red or yellow zone. According to Decision 28, normally all those who come from the yellow and red areas will be quarantined for 14 days. But there are some exceptions to every list.

Children, regardless of age, must comply with the measures of judgment 28 of 14 May

Those traveling from "yellow" countries to Romania can get rid of quarantine if they have a negative PCR test at boarding / border or if they are completely vaccinated.

Those who travel from "red" countries to Romania can get rid of quarantine only if they are completely vaccinated. The negative PCR test does not relieve them of quarantine.

But here we are talking about adults. Unfortunately, judgment 28 does not mention anything about children. At this time, only children over the age of 16 can be vaccinated and thus be exempted from quarantine, regardless of the country of origin.

But what about the little ones? I called DSP Bucharest and the answer was short. Children are quarantined if they do not find themselves in groups that are exceptions to these measures. Children under 16, who cannot be vaccinated, can be tested for PCR and then are exempted from quarantine, if they travel from "yellow" countries to Romania.

If they come from "red" countries, all unvaccinated children will be quarantined in Romania, even if their parents are vaccinated and exempt from this measure. It should be noted that parents will not be quarantined if they fall into one of the categories of exemption from this measure.

It is a strange, complicated measure and we hope that it will be better regulated at the next update. You cannot let a child under the age of 16 sit alone and unattended in the context in which the parents may be exempted from quarantine and possibly have to go to work. Okay, we're torturing the kids and testing them if they're traveling from the yellow zone. But those who come from the red zone clearly cannot escape the quarantine and here we are talking about all unvaccinated children.

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