Disrupted air traffic at Timisoara Airport due to snow

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Today, 15 December 2018, air traffic was disrupted at Timisoara International Airport due to massive snowfall.

In the first part of the day, between 08:30 - 10:00, the airport was not operational because all the snow removal equipment was intervened.

Snow clearing was performed on the runway, platform (aircraft parking area) and treads, so that takeoffs and landings can be done safely.

Interventions were made despite the constant snowfall, so that the aircraft could take off and land. In addition, before taking off, all the aircraft are defrosted for removing the snow deposited on the fuselage.

Orange code for heavy snowfall and mistletoe is valid until tomorrow, 16 December, 18.00 time

The traffic at Timisoara Airport is open, but it works in winter conditions and it is possible that several flights may have delays during the day.

We recommend that you take the time necessary to get to the airport, to do all the checks and consult Timetable for flights to Timisoara Airport.

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