ECDC updated the epidemiological index (September 16, 2021): Moldova, Bulgaria, France go yellow; Liechtenstein gets on red; Spain, Morocco, Denmark, Mexico go green!

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European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reports an index calculated for 14 days each week. For example today, September 16 2021, the list with the epidemiological index reported for the period August 30 - September 12, 2021 was published.

In this context, if the Romanian authorities update the traffic light list (today or tomorrow), we will have some very important changes. Thailand, Monaco, Bulgaria, France, Gibraltar, the Republic of Moldova, Honduras enter the yellow zone. Liechtenstein gets on red. Spain, Morocco, Denmark, Mexico go green.

On the red zone remain: Israel, Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Cyprus, Ireland, Great Britain. On the green area remain: Italy, Malta, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and many more!

ECDC report published on Thursday, September 16, for the period 30.08 - 12.09.2021.

CAREFUL!!! These are not the official lists established by the Romanian authorities. We are waiting with interest for CNSU to officially update the lists according to the new established criteria. There will definitely be exceptions!

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