The Ryanair cabin crew in Belgium is on strike on the weekend of April 22-24

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The CNE / ACV Puls union announces that the Belgian cabin crew of the low-cost airline Ryanair will go on strike from Friday 22 to Sunday, April 24. The action will affect Ryanair flights from Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport. According to the union, the management does not respect the fundamental rights of its Belgian employees, and negotiations have failed.

A final attempt at mediation between staff representatives and management "did not lead to the hoped-for solutions"Says the union. "Three years after it finally agreed to comply with Belgian law, Ryanair continues to violate the rights of its employees. " says CNE secretary Didier Lebbe.

RYANAIR has 650 employees in Belgium, of which 400 are flight attendants. Hans Elsen of ACV Puls explains that “the applied salary system is wrong, the salaries are not paid correctly, the essential documents for the social legislation are not in order and so on".

According to the unions, 75% of cabin staff receive the sectoral minimum wage. " They work on holidays, on weekends, in the morning and late at night for 2.000 euros gross, while Ryanair in Charleroi has a profit margin of 30%."Said the unions.

In conclusion, if you have planned flights with RYANAIR, from / to Belgium, between April 22-24, 2022, check their condition with the air operator.

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