CRBL left Survivor Romania 2022 due to medical problems

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Monday, April 18, edition of the show "Survivor Romania 2022"Has included a new board for nomination for elimination, after the immunity game was played. The match started with sad news for the red team (Vulturii), CRBL being eliminated from the competition due to medical problems.

"Tonight, one of you, in this council, leaves the Survivor Romania competition. This competitor is in the competition from the beginning and is CRBL. He leaves Survivor for medical reasons. Following what happened in the game, the doctor decided, after further investigation, that the recovery requires much more time and other conditions than those of Survivor.. ”, Announced the presenter of the show, Daniel Pavel.

It was an amazing surprise, including for CRBL, who stated that he is not ready to leave the competition, but unfortunately his body feels and can no longer cope with this competition.

"I thought I was going to recover today, but indeed, my body was not on the trail today. I don't feel the best, but I'm not the best ready to go home. I really wanted the final… I can't believe this was the last route. It's very sad for me to leave for health reasons. I have a lot of reggae…", Said CRBL, which did not expect this decision from the team of doctors.

We remind you that the artist was under medical care for a long time, and now that he is back, he tried to enter the route and bring points, but he felt bad again, being close to fainting.

We remind you that Survivor Romania 2022 is filmed in the jungle of the Dominican Republic, where the competitors have limited resources and have to face the hot temperatures!

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