America Express 2022 teams: the stars on the Golden Road!

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Filming for the fifth season America express - The Golden Road will begin this month. Thus, in the new season America Express, named the Golden Road9 pairs of stars will travel through Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia, on a route of over 7000 kilometers.

Show America Express 2022 will be presented by Irina Fodor who, as before, will be with the competitors step by step, will coordinate them, will offer them missions, but also the coveted immunities. In continuation, Oasis and Marius Damian they will tell stories about the spectacular places where this whole adventure will take place.

The list of teams that will take on the America Express 2022 challenge has also been announced

Chef Cătălin Scărlătescu and his girlfriend, the actress Doina Teodoru; Puya and Melinda's wife; Andreea Antonescu and Andreea Bălan; Cătălin Bordea and Nelu Cortea; stylist Ovidiu Buta and artistic director Joaquin Bonilla; Jean Gavril and Dinu's brother; singer Bruja and her friend Pufeh; gymnasts Larisa Iordache and Diana Bulimar; Bie Adam, one of the most famous content creators in the online environment and her mother are the stars who start on the Golden Road in the competition for the coveted title of winner of the most spectacular reality show in Romania.

Cătălin Scărlătescu and Doina Teodoru

Cătălin Scarlatescu “I really like this show! I've been to Asia many times, I've seen almost everything, but I want to discover America from this position. Doina says about us that she's the kind of backpacker, and I'm the kind of troller. Let's see what comes out of this combination! ”

Cătălin Bordea and Nelu Cortea

Cătălin Bordea and Nelu Cortea: „It's my official exit from the comfort zone. I take too many showers, I sleep too much at home when I want to, I eat too much when I'm hungry, ready, I need a challenge :)) Honestly, I can't wait to get there, I can't wait to mentally destroy Cortea in order to strengthen our relationship of brothers and especially I want to show my wife how manly I am. That's until I cry for the first time. "

Jean Gavril and Dinu

Jean Gavril and Dinu "We chose to see what and how much we could, to test the connection between us and to enjoy the adventure. As I watched the past seasons, I kept thinking about how loud it was, but I couldn't have imagined that I would get there too. It's the hottest show in this country! I am very grateful because I am part of this race that is very difficult and that will test absolutely all our senses, physique and especially everyone's nerves! I am glad that it is happening with my brother Dinu, with whom I am very close and I am sure that we will live an experience that we will never forget! I really want to get to the end of the race, there are some countries I have never been to and we really want to know as much as possible about this unique experience! ”

Both Adam and Mihaela Adam

Both Adam and Mihaela Adam: “For us, America Express means overcoming all the limitations we have become accustomed to so far. We have no expectations. We want to let things be the way they want them to be. All that matters to us is that we don't forget to have fun. "

Puya and Melinda

Puya and Melinda: “For us, America Express means to see Latin America as no tourist can see it, to live a complete experience. For me, it also means lowering my stomach. " Melinda "I couldn't leave him alone among all those South Americans."

Bruja and Pufeh

Bruja and Pufeh: “For us, participating in America Express means overcoming our limits, getting out of the comfort zone and reaching a new level of performance, superior to the one we are used to so far on the mental, especially physical :)) and emotional side. On the other hand, the desire to know new cultures, traditions and customs, people and their life stories pushed us to accept the America Express challenge ”.

Andreea Antonescu and Andreea Bălan

Andreea Antonescu and Andreea Bălan: “We grew up and went through a lot together. This unique experience, America Express, will surely unite us even more as friends and as a band. ”

Ovidiu Buta and Joaquin Bonilla

Ovidiu Buta and Joaquin Bonilla: “This experience is a game changer. Naturally, after America Express, life will not be the same. We believe that it is a real detox, a break is everything we have experienced so far, bad or good ".

Diana Bulimar and Larisa Iordache

Diana Bulimar and Larisa Iordache: Coming from high-performance sports, this adventure called "America Express" will be a new challenge for us. I was just hoping not on a 10cm bar, because I had already won that one.

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