eMAG 15 years: travel gadgets recommendations

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eMAG, the largest online store in Romania, celebrates 15 years. On this occasion, eMAG is honoring 10 million lei in attractive discounts. If you are looking for travel gadgets or gifts for your loved ones, now is the time to take a look at eMAG offer.

Recommendations for travel gadgets

The Airlinestravel.ro team comes to your support and recommends some travel gadgets, which are cheap.

1. Phone / Smartphone - the indispensable gadget from our daily activity, but also from travel. The new smartphones come equipped with very good cameras, through which we can capture the most beautiful moments of our lives.

We recommend: Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge / ASUS ZenFone 3 / Huawei P9 - More promotions on mobile phones!

Most of the phones on sale come with a package and a gift. It can be an external battery, an accessory kit, etc. To which you add a valuable gift card.


2. Laptop - the most used gadget in business activity. In our travels, we rarely leave without a laptop. The Internet does not go on vacation, and information in aviation does not contain. The phone is very practical, but we can only do some operations from a laptop.

We recommend: ASUS X206HA - 11.6 inch / Dell Inspiron 3162 - 11.6 inch / ASUS ZenBook Flip - 13.3 inch / Lenovo IdeaPad 710S - 13.3 inches - More promotions on laptops!

3. External battery - always practical and useful in any trip. Smartphones offer performance, come equipped with very good cameras, large screens, some excel in autonomy. But it doesn't hurt to have an external battery with you. You may need a little battery at any time…

We recommend: ASUS ZenPower - 10050 mAh / Cellular Line - 10000 mAh / Samsung - 10200 mAh / TP-LINK Ally - 15600 mAh - More promotions on external batteries!

4. External hard disk - a practical gadget for those who photograph and film a lot. How many of you were struck by the lack of storage space, just when you wanted to capture another beautiful landscape? In a short trip, it may not be so essential. But if you are going on a stay, you will definitely need a storage device.

We recommend: ADATA HD710 - 1TB / Silicon Power Armor A30 - 1TB / ASUS Travelair N - 1TB

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