Emirates intends to place an important order for the new Boeing 777X

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Emirates is preparing to place an important order for Boeing 777X. The plan is long-term and very long term, and the new aircraft could be scheduled to gradually replace the current Boeing 777 models, starting with 2017.


Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates, said it is a matter of time before the company will place the order for 175 of Boeing 777x aircraft. These would gradually replace the current 777 fleet (-200, -200ER, -200LR, -300, -300ER) consisting of over 125 aircraft, plus another 60 of 777-300ER aircraft to be delivered in the near future.

Tim Clark also warned Boeing that it is best to avoid incidents with the 787 Dreamliner. Emirates has not ordered this model, but it is relying on the 777x and A380 from Airbus in the future, being the largest superjumbo airline operator.

Last week, Boeing began marketing the new 777x, but production will begin when sufficient orders are collected. Emirates, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines and Qatar Airways are among the operators interested in the new version of the Boeing 777.

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