Etihad Airways will increase participation in airberlin by up to 49.9%

Etihad Airways will increase participation in airberlin by up to 49.9%

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Etihad Airways, which already owns 29,21% of the German company, will increase its participation in airberlin (Air Berlin - the old name) to 50%, according to the German press. That is, not exactly at 50%, but at 49,9%, the percentage at which airberlin remains a German and, therefore, European airline. Thus it does not lose its rights to frequencies in / to North America, which are in accordance with the EU-US agreement.

According to Wirtschaftswoche magazine, the German shareholder, including former and current directors, will hold 50.1% at airberlin to retain "German citizenship". Etihad Airways will invest approximately 100 million to buy 20.69% units from the minority shareholder.

Also, Etihad Airways has plans to conclude a strategic partnership between airberlin and Alitalia. The operator in the United Arab Emirates intends to take up to 40% of the shares of the Italian carrier. We'll probably find out more at the airberlin conference, which is scheduled for March 27 2014.

I have always said that I like the development strategy applied by Etihad Airways. In recent years, Etihad Airways has begun to buy shares in several airlines: Air Seychelles (40%), Virgin Australia (10.5%), Aer Lingus (2.99%), Jet Airways (24%), Jat Airwys / Air Serbia (49%), Darwin Airline / Etihad Regional as of March 2014 (33,3%).

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