Update: Finland has removed all travel restrictions for EU and Schengen citizens. All passengers go through the security check!

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Update 21: 30: As of February 1, 2022, there are no entry restrictions for travelers from the EU or the Schengen area. However, all passengers (born in 2006 or earlier) traveling to Finland must go through the health security check. Health security measures may include verification of certificates or COVID-19 tests. No COVID-19 tests are required if you can present, inform www.schengenvisainfo.com/:

  • a full vaccination certificate against COVID-19 at least 7 days before entry. Please consult the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare for approved vaccines;
  • a single certificate that the person to show healing after going through COVID-19 disease and received a dose of vaccine. It is equivalent to a complete vaccination schedule COVID-19;
  • EU COVID digital certificate proving that the person has been cured of COVID-19 within 6 months.

Initial news according to MFA: Travel restrictions are lifted for EU and Schengen citizens from 1 February 2022.

Travelers entering Finland outside the EU Member States and outside the Schengen area must present, in addition to a valid identity or travel document, one of the following certificates:

  • certificate of completion of the complete vaccination schedule (one dose or 2 doses, depending on the type of vaccine approved in the EU; for a 2-dose vaccine, the second dose should be given at least 7 days before Finland);
  • certificate attesting to the passage of the disease in the last 6 months;
  • In addition to one of these certificates, travelers from outside the EU Member States and outside the Schengen area must present a certificate confirming the negative result of a test for COVID-19, performed less than 48 hours before entering the territory. Finnish (PCR or antigen tests performed at authorized test centers are accepted). The conditions apply to those born up to and including 2006.

The following are exempt from the cumulative presentation of the above-mentioned documents: Finnish citizens, persons permanently resident in Finland, persons traveling for essential reasons (eg employees in the field of health, transport) or those with urgent family problems, as well as persons who hold a certificate attesting to the medical reason why they cannot be vaccinated.

However, the categories of persons mentioned above must present one of the two certificates, of complete vaccination / passing the disease or the negative result of a test.

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