RO275 TAROM flight situation: change of aircraft

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TAROM made clarifications regarding the RO275 flight, on the route Bucharest - Thessaloniki. The aircraft has been changed and the passengers are flying to Thessaloniki.

The aircraft scheduled to fly on 28.01.2019, taking off from Otopeni Airport and having the destination Thessaloniki, returned from the flight to 20 minutes after takeoff.

RO275 TAROM flight situation

The decision to return from the race was made by the commander of the aircraft, in full compliance with the rules and regulations in the field, after noticing a slight smell of hot oil in the cockpit.

TAROM stresses that both take-off and return to Otopeni Airport were carried out in safe conditions. The aircraft of the type ATR 42-500 is undergoing tests and checks at the TAROM Technical Directorate. There are currently no indications of a malfunction in the aircraft.

The 25 passengers were taken over by another TAROM aircraft, which has already departed to its initial destination, Thessaloniki.

TAROM apologizes for the discomfort created.

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