The TAROM fleet will include 7 ATR 72-600 aircraft

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At Dubai Airshow 2021, TAROM signed a firm order for the purchase of three ATR 72-600 aircraft as part of the continued fleet modernization, which began in 2019. This represents an adjustment to the orders placed by TAROM from 9 to 7 aircraft. ATR 72-600. Currently, TAROM has 4 ATR 72-600 aircraft in its fleet (YR-ATJ; YR-ATK; YR-ATL; YR-ATM).

The 72-seat ATR 600-72 aircraft offers more transport capacity than the current 42-500 and the old 72-500 withdrawn from the fleet. At the same time, the ATR 72-600 is the most efficient aircraft on the market, consuming 40% less fuel and, therefore, CO2 emissions being reduced by 40% compared to any other regional model.

TAROM Executive Director, Cătălin Prunariu: "As CEO, I also see the value of their efficiency and flexibility. When we started modernizing the fleet, it made perfect sense to choose the ATR, and as this mission continues, as the world seeks to recover from the challenging context of the global pandemic, airlines must have the most efficient aircraft possible. We are sure that ATR is the right choice; now and for the future".

On 18 February 2020, TAROM received the first ATR 72-600 (YR-ATJ). Initially, the order included 9 ATR 72-600 aircraft, intended to replace the existing fleet of regional aircraft. With the signing of this firm order for three aircraft, in fact TAROM will operate a fleet of 7 ATR aircraft instead of 9 as was originally planned.

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