The Romanian Air Force performs training flights over Bucharest

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Combat aircraft, transport and helicopters will perform, between 12-16.07.2021, flights at low altitudes (approximately 100 m above the ground) in the areas delimited by Ilfov and Bucharest counties.

We mention that these flight activities are performed in accordance with the Flight Training Plans and in accordance with the aeronautical regulations in force, aiming to increase the level of training of seafarers in the most real conditions, which contributes to increasing the action capacity of the Forces. Romanian Airlines.

The Air Force Staff is constantly concerned with reducing the impact of aeronautical activities on the local community, while pursuing the objectives of pilot training, in accordance with specific requirements, which include the execution of training appropriate to current combat conditions.

If you hear / see planes over Bucharest, don't be scared. We are not at war! 🙂 These are just training flights. Not, we do not have BIAS 2021!

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