Germany tightens travel restrictions for Bulgaria, Croatia and Singapore!

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German authorities have tightened entry restrictions for travelers from five other countries, including two members of the European Union, after the Robert Koch Institute added them to the list of high-risk areas.

In updating high-risk countries and regions, RKI, which is a government institute responsible for disease prevention and control, added the following five countries to the list:

  • Bulgaria
  • Cameroon
  • Croatia
  • Republic of the Congo
  • Singapore

The decision, which was announced on Friday, October 22, will take effect next Sunday. This means that those traveling from these countries are now subject to more entry restrictions than before, including the obligation to register before traveling on the website. .

At the same time, these passengers will have to isolate themselves for a period of ten days upon arrival in Germany. If the traveler can prove vaccination with one of the vaccines accepted by the German authorities or cure within the last six months of COVID-19, then the isolation can be completed earlier.

Travelers who are not vaccinated (or whose vaccination is not valid in Germany) will have to stay in quarantine for at least five days. "The quarantine period may end on the basis of a negative test carried out not earlier than five days after entry.a in Germany", Explains the German Foreign Office.

By updating the list, RKI has also eliminated four countries from it - Honduras, Iraq, Kenya and Kosovo - which means that from Sunday, October 24, travelers from these countries can enter German territory under facilitated entry restrictions.

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