Germany is preparing for a partial lockdown during the New Year

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Reuters has received a draft document representing the new package of rules that Germany will apply during the winter holidays. Germany is considering introducing other restrictions during the New Year, according to Economy Minister Robert Habek.

The new package of bans, which the local press already calls a "partial lockdown", sets a limit of 10 people for private meetings. Thus, New Year's parties are prohibited. However, the new rules apply only to vaccinated or recovered citizens and guests. Unvaccinated people are generally forbidden to attend any public event, except for those in which the circle of communication is limited to close relatives or roommates.

The German government will discuss the introduction of the new rules on Tuesday. It is assumed that if the document is adopted, the restrictions will take effect on December 28, for 10 days. According to the draft, clubs and discos will be closed. However, the rules will not apply to bars, restaurants and cultural institutions.

The government fears that the health system will not withstand the influx of infected people after the holidays, so it is necessary to prevent such a situation.

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