Greece opens stores on April 5. You can go shopping only with SMS and by appointment.

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The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, announced the opening of indoor stores starting with April 5th. You can go shopping only based on an SMS sent to 13032 and after an appointment at the store. The equivalent physical distance of 25 sqm and a maximum of 20 customers simultaneously will be observed, even if the commercial space is larger.

At the same time, each person will have to meet within 3 hours for purchases and return home. Malls and universal shopping malls remain closed.

In addition to the above-mentioned measure, travel between cities will be allowed from April 3, only on weekends. A maximum of 3 people or a family can travel by car. For sports activities or leaving home for other purposes can be done only with SMS sent to 13033.

Regarding the opening of schools, their situation will be re-evaluated next week. It is hoped that from April 12 students will be able to return to classes and mandatory only after performing an anti-COVID test.

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