STB strike continues in Bucharest (January 22, 2022) (Update)

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Update: STB trade unionists announce that they have not reached any agreement after the discussion with Nicușor Dan. The strike is declared illegal by the court, but the STB staff refuses to resume its activity. Nicușor Dan requested in a press conference that the prosecutor's office speed up the investigations against Petrariu because the strike was declared illegal. STB employees may continue their strike on January 22, 2022.

Initial news: Following the decision of the Bucharest Tribunal by which the court orders the suspension of the strike launched at the Bucharest Transport Company STB SA and the immediate resumption of activity, the company's employees have the obligation to respect the court's decision and to go out according to the itinerary and sheet course. 

From the verifications performed, it was found that the personnel involved in this illegal strike that immobilized the Capital today, refuse to resume their activity. There is a possibility that this strike will continue tomorrow (January 21, 2022), the union leaders putting pressure on STB SA employees not to fulfill their work tasks.

Disregarding the needs of Bucharest residents in the metropolitan area and knowingly ignoring a court decision can lead to criminal liability for the staff involved in this action. 

STB SA appeals to the sense of responsibility of its employees and publicly asks them to immediately resume the public transport activity. STB also assures the people of Bucharest that they will take all possible legal measures to return to normalcy.

So the protest continues tomorrow. The unionists continue to deny their involvement in organizing the strike and call it a spontaneous protest, claiming that it is the will of the employees. I repeat the requests of STB employees and trade unionists:

🚎 a salary increase of 10 percent
🚎 better working conditions
🚎 the resignation of the current leadership, informs Vitalie Cojocari.

If the express lines are not functional to be able to travel between Bucharest and Henri Coandă International Airport, use alternative transport services, including CFR trains.

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