How much consumer reviews matter in the choices we make


All advertising has the role of attracting customers, so providers of products and services will always present their own vision, from an angle where everything usually seems perfect, with an emphasis on only the positive things, often exaggerated.

"Advertising is the soul of commerce", they say in Romania. Every merchant praises their wares, as is to be expected.

A smart customer should, however, carefully treat the information he receives in advertising messages and make a purchase only when he believes that he has all the data correctly and completely.

Just like in the mass media information must be verified in several sources to be considered credible, a potential customer of products and services who wants to have a positive shopping experience will approach as many sources of information as possible.

One of the great advantages of digital technology is easy access to accurate data. Of course, you also need to know where to choose the right information, how to make the information process more efficient.

Unbiased reviews are very helpful - on the one hand, reviews posted online by specialists, and on the other hand, personal opinions (with an assumed note of subjectivity) of other customers who have interacted with a certain service provider or product.

In the case of the second variant, it is important to take into account an average of reviews written on the Internet by consumers - reviews that may contain detailed information about the respective experiences, or which may be limited only to rating (by grades or rating) .

Attention, the sources of these reviews are also very relevant. Depending on the domain, some websites may or may not be considered objective in providing this data. For example, reviews on can help you a lot when you want to choose a product, and those on will help you find the right accommodation.

As well, if you want to have fun gambling without going to a land-based location, you can read the reviews available on specialist websites. Thus, you will find out which online casino is the best for you.

Reviews can be influenced in a less honest way by providers, so it is important to pay attention to all the details, choosing reliable sources.

Caution: Reviews posted by customers can be misleading (even unintentionally) when they are not very numerous. Don't forget to post your own reviews to help other people like you have the best possible experiences!

Reviews for online stores and the products sold

You can search online for reviews of some online stores, for example on websites such as or (the merchant part of the marketplace). You could also look at product reviews on the websites of large, trusted retailers, including Altex, Elefant, eMag, evoMag or Flanco. This is true regardless of whether you buy from e-commerce or if you prefer traditional shopping.

Entertainment service reviews

Resources such as reviews of online casinos and sports betting agencies, reviews of amusement parks and other theme areas, various entertainment centers and other experiences offered in reality or online are of great help for leisure time spent pleasantly. In this chapter, we can also mention movie and book reviews, which do not necessarily belong to a specific provider (cinema or video streaming platform, respectively online bookstore). Also highly sought after are video game reviews, including reviews of online slots, known as slots, machine-like games from offline arcades.

Reviews of HoReCa units and services

Especially if you don't have a lot of free time, you value every trip and you want to organize the perfect vacation every time. To be on the safe side, it is very useful to read as many reviews as possible of the accommodation units or for the tourist packages offered by some specialized agencies. At the international level, the most relevant sources of information in the tourism field, to the objective reviews posted by customers, can be read on the and platforms.

In addition, you could perhaps trust travel bloggers and vloggers when they are at the status of unbiased influencers without being supported by certain HoReCa companies. To plan your trips even better, you can also search for restaurant reviews and even bars, clubs.

Reviews lifestyle services and health services

Do you want to go to an aesthetic center, do you need services such as hairstyling or make-up? You may also want to use health services - medical services, wellness - spa, various lifestyle treatments. In any such situation, it is good to know that you are going to a place where other customers have expressed satisfaction with the services received.

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