How do I get to the island of Rhodes? You can get to Rhodes by car, bus, plane or ferry.

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Rhodes Island is the largest island in the Dodecanese Archipelago, but also the most visited. It is the fourth largest island of Greece, located 18 km west of Turkey, between the mainland of Greece and the island of Cyprus, at the intersection of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean. The island has a population of 90.000 inhabitants.

Rhodes has many historical tourist attractions, being also a medieval city. Called "Rose Island", Rhodes has other advantages: accommodation is cheap and locals speak English. The northern part of the island is famous for exploring and discovering sights, and the southern part is calmer, perfect for relaxation.

Rhodes attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year, choosing the island for its quiet and beautiful beaches and unique landscapes. The steep cliffs, but also the isolated bays, the beaches with fine and golden sand, but also the crystalline sea transform Rhodes in the "paradise between two seas".

  • Faliraki Beach it is known for its sand, being a beach recommended especially for families. On the beach there are sun loungers and numerous taverns where you can eat authentic Greek. There are many resorts and hotels near the beach, depending on your preferences and budget.
  • Pallas BeachIxia Beach, But and Prason - where you can swim in the Mediterranean Sea or the Aegean Sea, depending on your preferences.

How do I get to the island of Rhodes / Rhodes?

Rhodes Island is one of the islands with the most beautiful beaches in Greece. They are covered with fine sand and the water is warm and crystalline. The island is ideal for family holidays. The waters are not deep and the island is very calm.

Arrive in Rhodes by personal car / coach.

If you prefer to go to Rhodes by personal car / coach, you should know that the distance is almost 1.500 km. The journey time can be estimated at 24-26 hours by car / over 28 hours by bus, depending on the stops made on the route and the ferry trip.

The land route passes through Bulgaria and Turkey. Given that the island of Rhodes is closer to Turkey, clearly the most advantageous way to get to this island is to cross by ferry from Bodrum to Kos, from Kos to Simi, and from Simi to Rhodes. How to get to Bodrum? Here are several options, depending on the starting point in Romania. If we refer to Bucharest, choose a route to Istanbul, and from there to Bursa, Izmir, Bodrum.

By plane.

For travel from Romania to Rhodes Island, the most advantageous means of transport is the plane. For those interested in a trip to Rhodes by plane, there are numerous flights between Romanian cities and Rhodes Diagoras International Airport. Although it is the most expensive method of transport, it is also the fastest method. Every summer, there are numerous charter flights.

Rhodes Airport

Every year, dozens of flights connect cities such as Timisoara, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca or Suceava from the sunny island of Rhodes. They can be frequent, scheduled flights, but they are mostly charter flights organized by travel agencies in Romania.

By ferry

If you want to get from Greece (mainland) to Rhodes, you can take the ferry from the Port of Piraeus or Thessaloniki.

No matter how you choose to travel to the island of Rhodes, your holiday is at your destination!

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