Human error in the accident involving Boeing 737-800 Air Niugini

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On 28 September 2018, Boeing 737-800 (P2-PXE) Air Niugini, on PX73 flight, landed in a bay near Chuuk International Airport.

On board were 47 people, including 12 crew members and 35 passengers. As a result of the accident, a person lost his life.

The final report of the investigators in Papua New Guinea (PNG AIC) was also released. There was human error at the base of the accident. The aircraft did not run on the runway, but landed in the water at 500 m before the runway threshold.

Pilotage error / descent too fast

The pilots made a descent too fast (+ 350 m / min) with an angle too large (4,5 °). The crew ignored audible and visual alarms. They were too concentrated to see the track, the visibility being much reduced due to the storm.

When the pilots realized they were under the normal descent slope, it was already too late. The plane reached the ocean water at 260 km / h. After the impact, the aircraft remained on the surface for several tens of minutes, during which time the occupants of the aircraft could be evacuated. Unfortunately, one passenger lost his life. He was found on the plane, at 3 days after the accident.

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