Iberia introduces the VeriFly application for flights to destinations in America.

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customers Iberia traveling to destinations in the United States can use the VeriFLY app to save time and avoid problems at the airport. The application verifies that the self-declaration and COVID-19 test certificate required by the US health authorities meet the standards.

The pilot project started on February 23 and will last two months. Initially, the VeriFLY application will only be used by passengers traveling from Spain to New York or Miami.

The VeriFLY application is designed so that Iberia passengers can easily check if they have the medical documentation they need to be admitted to the countries of destination, at a time when requirements change frequently and vary from country to country.

The pilot project started on February 23 and will last two months.

The use of the VeriFLY application remains optional for the time being, and Iberia passengers can continue to present their health documents on paper at the check-in counter, if they so prefer.

VeriFLY application can be downloaded on both iOS and Android, and is very easy to use. Passengers only need to:

  • Download the app, register and add a photo.
  • Choose the destination and flight number
  • Load the COVID-19 test results and sign the required self-declaration for all passengers.

When there is a problem, the customer is informed immediately so that he can solve it, before the flight. When the application establishes that all the requirements have been met, the customer is informed that he receives the flight permit.

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